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Audi Display Cleaner & Interior Fragrance Set (80A057800)

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Looking for the perfect gift for a friend and his or her vehicle? Look no further! Audi has packaged our best-selling collection items and accessories.

The set includes the following items:

- 1 Audi Cleaning cloth for touch displays

The perfect 30x30cm cleaning cloth for glossy surfaces and glass. The Audi cleaning cloth is made of high-quality material and is great to use with surface cleaners like the Audi cockpit cleaner or the Audi glass cleaner.

By using this cleaning cloth, dirt, dust and fingerprints vanish immediately leaving the surface immaculate and looking good as new. It is designed to gently clean off stained glass and pick up micro bits of dust, while eliminating visible traces left after use. Use effectively on vehicle touch displays and other high-gloss surfaces.

Best of all, it is washable so it can be used more than once.

Available in one colour – Silver, with the Audi rings sewn on.

Material: 70 % polyester, 30 % polyamide.

- 1 Audi 2-in-1 display cleaner

The Audi 2-in-1 display cleaner is a combination of an odorless cleaning fluid and the built-in microfiber sleeve to assure almost all removal of residues, such as dirt build-up and those annoying fingerprint marks.

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With its convenient pocket size acrylic protective casing, it is also ideal to take with you on the go. It works just as effective on other touch screens or displays such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Simply remove the clear protective case, spray directly onto the screen and use the outer sides with attached microfiber wrapping to give your display that fresh look.

- 1 Audi black air singleframe freshener plus fragrance stick

The black Audi fragrance dispenser may be easily placed on the air vents providing a pleasant oriental fragrance in your vehicle.

Simply clip it onto your air vents and tune the intensity by adjusting the aluminum coloured insert. The scent produces an oriental based fragrance with a mixture of bergamot, lavender, exotic flowers and sandalwood. It is a perfumed polymer with integrated fragrance molecules and is specially made to be safe for your vehicle with leather upholstery.

A fragrance stick may last up to 45 days and it is refillable. Fragrance refill sticks may be purchased on the Audi flagship store.