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Audi Gecko Air Freshener, Turkey

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Do you find it difficult to get rid of foul smells lingering in your vehicle? With the gecko aroma dispenser series, your vehicle smells pleasant at all times.

The gecko fresheners can be easily clipped onto a grille of an air vents. It contains ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), a perfumed polymer with special fragrance molecules, safe for all leather interiors.

Scent: Warm and spicy with slight woody fragrance 

Colour: Black, red shirt with Turkey flag

The genuine air freshener provides the interior with a pleasant fragrance for up to 45 days. The rest of the Europe series is available with different country flags printed on the bodies of the geckos (Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Turkey and Belgium). Plain coloured aroma geckos are also available in light grey, red, yellow, pink and black.

Furthermore, did you know that the Audi gecko is a symbolic representation of the Audi Quattro permanent all-wheel drive? The Audi gecko has been around since 2005, debuting in the all-wheel drive system s 25th anniversary. Both the Audi gecko and all-wheel drive system are believed to possess similar traits, their legendary grip system. Once the gecko scents are empty, simply keep it as a great decorative Audi souvenir.

Item includes 1 gecko air freshener, a retaining clip and an Audi pennant.

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