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Audi Decorative Gecko Aluminum

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The Audi gecko is a symbolic representation of the Audi quattro permanent all-wheel drive. Why did Audi choose a gecko to symbolize, what do they have in common?

Here is the answer, both the gecko and quattro system share similar traits. A gecko's feet has the ability to adhere to nearly any surface with feet that comprise of a strong grip on atoms, molecules and surfaces such as walls, trees and even ceilings.

Similar to the superior quattro all-road system, its legendary grip and torque vectoring technology was built to significantly enhance handling and cornering performance on the roads. The Audi gecko has been around since 2005, debuting in the all-wheel drive system's 25th anniversary.

This high-quality aluminum designed Audi gecko is great for all interiors and metallic surfaces. It may be clipped onto a grille of an air vent by securing it with the clip or used as a magnet on any metal surface once removing the clip. Item includes an aluminum gecko, a magnet and a securing clip. A great decorative piece for the interior of your vehicle.

Check out the gecko aroma range in multiple colours now available on the Audi Flagship store.

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