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Audi Fragrance Dispenser, Yellow (Refill) (81A087009B)

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If you already own the yellow Audi Fragrance dispenser, grab the refill pack now. The refill pack includes 3 individually packed fragrance refills and 1 information sheet.

The yellow fragrance stick provides a refreshing and stimulating fragrance of lemons and gingers. Feel refreshed on long drives. The refills can be changed effortlessly. Simply remove the existing fragrance cartridge from the back and replace with a new one.

A single fragrance refill provides a pleasant fragrance for your vehicle that last up to 45 days. Do check out the Audi fragrance dispenser and its refill that comes in 3 colours including the matte black, red and yellow with 3 different scents , also available now on our Audi flagship store.

Compatible with all aircon vents (front and back) for all vehicles.

Note: Please avoid intensive exposure to temperatures above 85 ‚ °C. The fragrance may be very strong initially, but gradually decreases over time. The fragrance intensity is also dependent on the temperature in the vehicle.