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Audi Loading Sill Protective Mat

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Do you get nervous when a bulky item gets loaded into your rear luggage compartment, afraid it would leave scratches and dents in your bumper? Audi has the perfect solution for you.

Presenting the Audi protective loading sill - It is designed as a protective edge for the rear bumper area and is quickly and easily secured with a carabineer hook on each side of the compartment. The mat sits perfectly on your rear to protect the bumper against damage when loading and unloading.

For pet owners, it doubles up as an anti-slip mat when they enter the luggage compartment.

A polyester bag with a zipper and carrying strap is provided to stow away easily. Available in one colour only. To clean, simply wipe away dirt and scuff marks with a damp cloth.

Prevent damages to your bumper now, with the Audi protective loading sill. ‚  

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SKU: 8X0061190A