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Audi in-between oil change service

Original price $239.80 - Original price $359.70
Original price
$239.80 - $359.70
Current price $239.80

What is an in-between oil change service?

An in-between oil change service occurs at every 7,5000km or every 6 months, whichever comes first.

What happens if you wait too long to get an oil change?

Engine oil is important to ensure that your engine components work together without overheating. Friction from moving components creates heat and the oil helps to lubricate while absorbing the heat

If you wait too long for to get an oil change, clean and smooth oil will turn into dirty sludge. This causes your engine components to work against the build up of sludge, losing its lubrication and decreases heat absorption, leading to possible issues in the future.

What does an in-between oil change at Audi includes?

- Renewal of engine oil filter

- Draining of engine oil

- Renewal of Audi Genuine Engine Oil

- Inspection of brake pads/linings thickness

- Checking of expiry on tyre repair set

- Reset oil change service

Price is inclusive of GST.

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